Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Move ==)

After a good almost 8 years with my current job. I called it a quit and I'll move on. It is an emotion past weeks to decide and make the final decision. It's a real heart breaking to leave somewhere like here that I feel home. To my colleagues and my boss. It brought me joyful and bitter sweet leaving. Anyway way it is not a goodbye..I'm just leaving for better and for worth....

Friday, March 10, 2017

Size does matter? No, It's a confidence that you're wearing does......

I have always been never-a-zero-size girl for when? Ever since I have grown up I always have a Plus Size. Ugly true is  that I have been disappointed with myself  (the whole appearance). But what? When you are a grown up woman now, I don't feel negative about it at all. In fact, I use it as an advantage to transfer myself and how I dress to the perfection!!! Trust me, every women can dress how/ what they like by knowing their body. From a slender to what we all call fat. It doesn't matter girls. If you want to wear an off shoulder with a short just do it.....Remember the most important is knowing your shape and curves.

P.S. I'll try to write more about Plussize dressing or follow some photos on my Instagram @ninsterrath

Here are some best pose:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Not Broken but....

No, I am not broken it is not broken . It just two pieces that can't be together for many reasons. The saddest word is not sad it is the word " leaving " its knot in the heart and emotions. I never have a heart to hear the word leaving. It's could be forever when we all say see you again. The word that stab in the back of my mind. The word that I knew it gonna happens but I don't believe it will and it's truly happening. I will be devastated when the day has come " the leaving".....

Thursday, December 22, 2016

State of mind...

Okay, I haven't blog for a long while. Not that nothing has happened the passed months. But, it's the mix feeling that came to state of mind what should I write about since there are so much going on emotionally? We all have the one untold feeling which we aren't able to really describe or talk about? Yes, we can but that is unclear toward what we want to tell. I seems can't tell myself what do I need nor what I want at all. It's complicated I would say.... Well, I'll deal with this undecided mind.

Friday, August 19, 2016


We often make time to get together for dinner at least one a week is our rule. Family is always there for you, so spending time laughing, shouting ( most my sisters and me) hhahahah talking about all the shit happen around us. This gang is my shelter when I'm in need.

In this photo : Me is carring my little niece. She will turn to One next month.She even put her hand up for photo...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Re-energized Getaway

One in a while I get really tired and fed up with this great hassle Phnom Penh. Thus, I combined a work trip and extend for a long weekend in Siem Reap, the town of heritage site Angkor Wat. That won't get you bored. You just got to relax and enjoy temples, the trees and surrounding environment in the small old town. From bike ride to catch an early sun rise from 5am at Angkor Wat, The local food and fusion are a very promising to your appetite. I am into an (happy hour) early evening drink as well as finding a great coffee shops ( I found two, one was name Fifty 5 which make me think of the favorite Fifty Shades of Grey, Love IT) after long joyful day of strolling around market , sight seeing plus hanging around the pool. Giving myself a solo space is a very energetic therapy. Glad I did it. Here are some great shoots.

Me under the sunshine in front of Angkor Wat
Sister Srey Cafe: when there twice, this little coffee shop facing the lake
Local fried on our way back after sun rise

The best capture of sunrise I can take

Lunch in the small pub street alley

Lunch at Fifty 5 Coffee;-) not Fifty Shade of Grey

When you travel alone, Only selfie is capable

Relax after bike ride at the pool at FCC

Great Shoot of Coffee before I sip it all hahah....

Tanning by the pool again at Mallen D'Angkor Hotel, My room is just right across

Saturday, May 28, 2016

One more 30th

Can't believe there is still celebration for my 30th. Group of my close friends did it last Sat night. I am soooo surprised  yet the BD and the sensual look gift from Somaly! It was full of laugh night and we made the whole restaurant live with joy. Here are some glimpse.