Monday, March 5, 2018

Eternity cloud

Above the ground approximately 3000 feet, Photo by: Ninja

Following my recent weekend in KL to breath difference air that I need while life has been very hectic which I deserve a nice gate away and shopping, most important to see my best girl friend. On my way back in the cloud yesterday I was so tempted to snap this shoot (above) as I never take any photo in the plan. I was looking out the window  and caught on thought by this beautiful blue sky. 

With reflection to life. I think life and the cloud are both Eternity.  Of course , by choice we can choose how we want our life to be.....but we can't predict the consequence we're likely face them. It gave me the courage to see that there are lots beautiful things that life have not offer me yet and some how I should never give up. This blue sky gave me new view of life perspective and that eventually things will happen without having to stress about. 

This view had me lost in thoughts while in my hand I was reading "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks ..... It took me way back years where I started to discover life journey at early ages and how things have changed to different me these day, Impressive! I was inspired by this nice blue sky, it drifted me back to a beautiful memories as well as a painful memories. Some how, that didn't discourage my passion that I have in life and It will only make me be a better women...I promise. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Exhausted !!!

Just very exhausted!!!! Life could be a roller coaster at some point.....

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

PluSSize and Beauty is a New Trend

Me, Author of the blog
My apologies as I have not been blogging for a long while since my last opinion about being Plussize. Recently, I have seen a few clothe shops open exclusively for plussize women in Phnom Penh. There you go,There're demand, need and the love of being curvy. Yay!

I am not arguing that the thinness is no longer the trend. It's no secret that our culture worships thinness and compare the state with great beauty. It's also no secret that more and more of the population is succumbing to "obesity", gaining more weight than ever before. One secret that remains is that you can be overweight on the charts while still being healthy and beautiful. And the plus in the recent trend towards overweight in the general population means that, slowly but inexorably, fashion designers will be designing attractive clothes for plus-sized women. It's about time!

If you experience to shop for larger size in Cambodia. There are very limited or sometime it hopeless to find the right outfit ( I feel your pain). I have not check out those plussize store for myself yet as I still fit into M or L . These are size I'm talking about Plussize here in Cambodia when compare to other neighborhood countries. Literally, the choice and chance here is still small for size and market. I will do some homework once I checked out those store.

Many cultures prefer a fuller Womens Figure including Cambodia. But the good old day fashion and mind are going around.  So it makes me wonder how our world will change over the next few decades. At one time, (and in many cultures still), beautiful women were round, curvy, plump, even downright fat. Is it possible that those times of larger feminine beauty are returning? We'll see.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Long Await.

I like waiting....Say no one. I have the patience to wait for the amount of time but not when we talking about years. No,... I ran out of anticipation to look forward , it's because I don't get excited anymore and it's because the long await has knock me down big time. I don't think I will be happened eventually and if it will ...well. It's good but It's too late.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Those pretty bunch

Growing old with just a few good friends is all I need. These two pretty bunch which always make me feel at ease and relief after I met them. I am able to tell them how crazy my life has been and even that sleeping on the floor is my new thing. The conversation we have would just about anything, last night we were debating about FEELING and DOING the right/wrong thing ( I will need to do some research and come up with case study) and they would want to squeeze information about my love life all the time, Why ? because I'm the only one single which I have privilege to tell them who on my mind ;-)  

We aren't talking everyday nor meeting often, but we will be always close to each other in a sense we're here for each other anytime. Sweet, I know, but this is what I love about them. Here our photo from last night.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Back to December...

The happiest and the saddest... It bring back every piece we had into my mind. It bring back the joy and the sadness...But it didn't bring you back ... The bubble never last long and reality hit me hard. Amazing how time flies and we have changed and grow apart too far to the point that we won't be crossing the part again. It's consider the good things for me yet a worse scenario. December, Please be NICE!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Granpa's 81Birthday

I couldn't thank enough to be able to celebrate his 81 birthday and still counting for more. I couldn't wish anything else just to have him around me and annoying me as much as he can. I couldn't bare my tears when wishing him a Happy Birthday. I know I have never been a good grand kid but he could bare with my bitchy /nasty  as a grandchild. I just LOVE him unconditionally no matter how much he frustrate me hahhahah. Here are some good post.