Sunday, November 12, 2017

In a Blink of an Eyes...

...It's has been three years, thought I still remembers things like it was yesterday. Every bite of the memories playing in the back of my mine like an auto play . Today, it marks 3 years that have gone and we never meet again since then. We have became a stranger when we were once so close and yet now so far. Where all these time has gone? and what are the changes ? None. I am not sure I want to cross this path again nor I would imagine how... 

The hardest thing is to get over it! Which I suppose to,but nobody said this is easy. At some point, I think I'm completely over then something haunted me again. This has been going on forever which I don't think it will stop at some point in the near future. Thus, the best solution is KeeP the door close. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Go Short.....

It's light and relax to carry this short....However, the long one was pretty enough to say I miss it. Ohhh but hair grow back eventually. It's for a good change I suppose.

A day before
And Now....

Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's continues!

The only relax pose I have......
There are things to learn and it's never too late. It was a tough week and I felt like it was a roller coaster. But all worth it, the new experience bring me to a new whole world of an eye opening with my recent trip to Bangkok. Like I said "Change for the better" this statement tell it all. 

Writing this blog while I have a little mood after recover from the trip back home last night. It's all come to the point where one have to appreciate what we're doing. No one else would come and tell you "You should do this and that to make you a better person" but if any of us take this, thus life is not your own journey. I had the joy of watching the world goes by anytime I can and imagine what other life go through. Down the road, It's all about choice individual made. Take the excitement one and continue the path like it's no tomorrow.

Friday, October 6, 2017

And it has began.....

One more move, many challenges on the road. However, those tiresome seem not a big issue for me. It's keep my excitement awake and  thrilled, This shoot was took on my first day from the tallest rooftop in Cambodia ( well for the moment it is;-)) .

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

An immature act of Mature!!!

We're all mature enough to face each others and lay it down to discuss? Why are they in the need to against  even you have no idea of what is going on? I'm pretty much a straight forward bitch that would spit out anything rather than cover the dirt and pretend to be pretty. I'm really frustrated to be in such situation and none of us is talking. I come to the point to just let it goes and plays by ear. 

Really, it's a wasted of time since we're a grown ass up human. JUST spit it out and confront guys!  Drama isn't my cup of tea so I'm ready any time you're ready. I know It won't look good but I don't mind closing this deal and fix the broken piece ( if needed). So please help me.....

Thursday, September 21, 2017


That being said above, I would describe these moments for days. The emotional rush to have a balance joyful life isn't easy. For instance, jumping from one to an other job in the last 6 months  isn't something I am fancy about nor wanted. I keep searching for a place that fit my bitchy personality and have fun along to the point I don't feel irritated. 

I don't ever regret the move yet I feel each move is lesson learned and try to turn into a positive effect. After this chaotic movement. I hope to have  a stable life to welcome an other excitement. who knows what is bringing next. So bring it on.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New me!

I have changed and wiser. The more I growth old I learn to appreciate small things that make life happier. I enjoy my own company like eating in restaurant or  having a drink , being a potato couch or even doing housework and writing up my blog. So being happy is like a "Piece of Cake". I don't enjoy all these many years ago. I guess because I have not realized my true self ? Yes it's exactly how life teach me to be matured inside out! And that make me think being old is just the number. I still have other side of me that feel like 20 years girl.